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  1. Vomuro says:
    talle. Del fr. taille. 1. m. Disposición o proporción del cuerpo humano. 2. m. Cintura del cuerpo humano. 3. m. Forma que se da al vestido, cortándolo y proporcionándolo al cuerpo. 4. m. Parte del vestido que corresponde a la cintura. 5. m. Medida tomada para un vestido o traje, comprendida desde el cuello a la cintura, tanto por delante.
  2. Fenrizilkree says:
    For Over forty years, Talley Manufacturing, Inc. has set a standard for superior quality in the firearms industry. Our willingness to adopt cutting-edge technology in our state-of-the art facility, allows us to continue the quality that the Talley name represents.
  3. Ganris says:
    Talle’s expertise in the future of financial services and identity, along with our global network of experts can help you navigate the path ahead. We work with your teams to build a brand, a product positioning strategy, and implement POC processes. We work with you to develop & tests clear uses cases, while ensuring integrated business.
  4. Zulura says:
    Job Talle On software development, AI & Algorithms. Neuroevolution in squids Evolving a neural network. Artificial neural networks mimic real biological nervous systems. They contain neurons and connections between them to transform input signals into meaningful output.
  5. Mesida says:
    Call Thalle Industries for the supply of high quality, virgin aggregate and asphalt, recycled aggregate, concrete and asphalt products. Also for disposal of rock, concrete and asphalt from construction projects. Our Fishkill, NY Quarry and Asphalt Plant, supplies virgin and recycled aggregate and asphalt products.
  6. Voodoogis says:
    talle. m. Disposición, proporción y apariencia del cuerpo humano: tiene un talle gallardo y esbelto. Cintura del cuerpo humano: el cinturón marcaba su talle. Parte del vestido que corresponde a la cintura. Forma que se da al vestido, cortándolo y proporcionándolo al cuerpo.
  7. Kigaramar says:
    talle(Del fr. taille.) 1. s. m. ANATOMÍA Estrechamiento del cuerpo humano que separa el pecho del vientre. cintura 2. INDUMENTARIA Y MODA Parte de una prenda de vestir correspondiente a la cintura del cuerpo humano tendré que estrechar el talle de la falda porque se me cae. 3. Forma del cuerpo de una persona tiene un talle esbelto. figura 4. Traza o.
  8. Mezil says:
    talle - sinónimos de 'talle' en un diccionario de sinónimos online.
  9. Kajinris says:
    Taille, the most important direct tax of the pre-Revolutionary monarchy in France. Its unequal distribution, with clergy and nobles exempt, made it one of the hated institutions of the ancien régime. The taille originated in the early Middle Ages as an arbitrary exaction from peasants. Often.

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